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Nesting Pairs 4 - Defence Leads Signals and Discards

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Thank you for your interest You will be notified when this product will be in stock. I agree to the. If South has the diamond King, you will be OK. You could play the A first in case North has a singleton King; then if the King does not appear, go back to dummy and play a diamond toward your Queen. Can you improve on that plan? Once you decide to pull trumps, you will find that South has both of them. On the first hand, the simplest way to make your contract is to play a small heart from Dummy on the opening lead.

Defensive Signaling [Bird/Smith]

If your RHO plays a heart at trick two, you win your Ace no need to try the finesse , pull trumps and throw the remaining heart from dummy on the K. Then you have the rest. By throwing a Loser On Loser, you were able to create an extra winner: the K. On the second hand, when the defense plays a second round of hearts, it is better to throw a small diamond from your hand. If the defense plays a third round of hearts, throw another small diamond from your hand. Now the defense cannot continue hearts since dummy can ruff high.

The defense will probably shift to a diamond; you can win and try to pull trumps. If you ruff the second round of hearts, you will only succeed if trumps break By throwing a Loser On Loser twice, you hopefully have kept trump control.

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On the third hand, you should win the A and play another heart. North will win and try to get her partner to over-ruff the dummy by playing another heart. But instead of ruffing, you play a small diamond from dummy! Since North has 6 hearts, it is quite likely that South has at least 4 diamonds.

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After North wins the third round of hearts, she will have to shift to another suit to avoid giving you a ruff and sluff. You will win that trick and then you can play your A if you still have it and a small diamond.

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Then, when you regain the lead, you can try to ruff your small remaining diamond. By throwing a Loser On Loser, you are able to take a much safer ruff. The fourth hand is more challenging. After winning the first trick with the A, you should pull trumps. When you ruff your last club, you reach this position with the lead in dummy East :. Since the defenders started with seven hearts between them, and three rounds have been played, one of them must be out of hearts.

So you play the 8 from dummy and hopefully South will not be able to follow suit. When South does not produce a heart, you simply throw your small diamond and the slam is yours Check it out. By throwing a Loser On Loser, you have end-played your opponent. If South produces a heart higher than the 8, you ruff and will need a winning diamond finesse. As you can see, playing a Loser On Loser can be done for many different reasons.