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Apr 1, Overall Rating : 7. Overall 7 Story 0 Art 0 Character 0 Enjoyment 0. Apr 30, Overall Rating : Overall 10 Story 9 Art 10 Character 9 Enjoyment More recommendations.

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View All. Popularity: Members: 7, Favorites: Edit Synopsis Coud is a young sky pirate who discovered a girl with mysterious powers on what had seemed like a routine mission.

Ren has the ability to lend Coud bizarre fighting capabilities his arm turns into a giant blade of some sort , being part of a race of beings called Edel Reid, but being the possessor of a stone called the Elemental Gelade, she has powers even beyond the norm. DMG later took over the license, and published the series digitally as Erementar Gerade from March 6, to January 30, Edit Related Manga Spin-off:. Erementar Gerad: Aozora no Senki. Metherlence, Reverie Main. Van Giruet, Coud Main.

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Cisqua Main. Envatilia, Kullweet Main.

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Rowen Main. Geneon Anime Licenses Jul 2, Erementar Gerad Licensed by Geneon Apr 19, Erementar Gerad News Feb 8, Anime Expo - A.

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Vision Inc. Jul 19, Licensed by : Digital Manga Publishing Tokyopop. Translation : Emilio Martini Vanna Vinci. Publisher : Edizioni Star Comics. Translation : Karin Ahlman Toyama. Publisher : B. Licensed by : Tong Li Publishing Co. Compare Credits Compare this manga with others. As the technologies become more accessible and fans become more accepting, we're seeing more producers open up to the possibility of creating 3D works for the anime market. Now even studios like Polygon Pictures, who had bec Zac and Lynzee burn up and confront the enormous Studio Trigger movie Promare, and then eject themselves into the galaxy for this summer's strongest show, Astra Lost in Space!

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Mary Lee Sauder explores. Even though all eight parts are drastically different f Vampire Dormitory GN 1 [e-book] Sep 20, 1 comment. This edgy supernatural romance dabbles in cross-dressing, blood-sucking, and enticing artwork.

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Rebecca Silverman has the details. Vampire Dormitory, one of her two currently ongoing titles, is the third to get a digital-only release from Kodansha, following Kamikam Mirei's English-Language debut launches today. Sep 20, 4 comments. Ebooks and Manuals

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