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I plan to develop lecture notes, possibly a mix of traditional and online notebooks, but they will only become available as we progress through the module. Approximation Theory and Methods , M.

ISBN 13: 9780898712070

Trefethen A course in approximation theory , E. Cheney and W. Light Nonlinear approximation , R.

  1. Numerical Treatment of Differential Equations: Proceedings of a Conference, Held at Oberwolfach, July 4–10, 1976.
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  3. Multivariate approximation theory : selected topics?
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DeVore Acta Numerica. Year 3 regs and modules G G Year 4 regs and modules G Past Exams Core module averages.

Content: The Module will provide students with a foundation in approximation theory, driven by its applications in scientific computing and data science. This book is a collection of eleven articles, written by leading experts and dealing with special topics in Multivariate Approximation and Interpolation.


The material discussed here has far-reaching applications in many areas of Applied Mathematics, such as in Computer Aided Geometric Design, in Mathematical Modelling, in Signal and Image Processing and in Machine Learning, to mention a few. The book aims at giving a comprehensive information leading the reader from the fundamental notions and results of each field to the forefront of research.

  • Topics in Multivariate Approximation and Interpolation, Volume 12 - 1st Edition?
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  • Multivariate approximation theory : selected topics;
  • It is an ideal and up-to-date introduction for graduate students specializing in these topics, and for researchers in universities and in industry. A collection of articles of highest scientific standard An excellent introduction and overview of recent topics from multivariate approximation A valuable source of references for specialists in the field A representation of the state-of-the-art in selected areas of multivariate approximation A rigorous mathematical introduction to special topics of interdisciplinary research.

    Three Families of Nonlinear Subdivision Schemes.

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    Parameterization for Curve Interpolation.